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As volumes in the business increased we needed to change our process to meet demand, one of the main critical pieces of equipment needed for the up left was a double door rotary oven, the reason we chose Acrivan over other companies was the fact that they are British made, well engineered, produce an even bake and as a company easy, and reactive to deal with, since the first oven seven years ago we now have five and all working well across our sites, for us they are now the oven of choice.

Thank you Susan and team.








We needed a bespoke proofer to help fulfil an influx of orders that needed completing ASAP.
Acrivarn pulled out the stops to get this done for us – particularly as lead-times were looking a bit scary!
The proofer was built, installed and commissioned way beyond our expectations.
All snags and health and safety compliance closed off in a most professional and timely manner.
We’re now happy bunnies making better product than before, with capacity to expand even further as business continues to grow.
Thank you and well done Acrivarn!

J W Rose (Bakers)



“We had a wonderful experience buying a 3-rack oven from Acrivarn. The sales team were knowledgeable and super helpful, and the oven was delivered on time and installed professionally. The oven itself is fantastic – it’s efficient, precise, and versatile. It has transformed our baking process and allowed us to produce high-quality products consistently. We’re so glad we chose Acrivarn!”

Hobbs House



“Acrivarn are an established business who are clearly experts in the equipment that they manufacture. The whole process was very professional from making sure the specification was correct at the quotation stage; through a very smooth installation and then some excellent after sales support to iron out a couple of minor niggles. It was evident that everyone at Acrivarn wanted the equipment to be the best that it could possibly be.”

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“I was no April Fool when I took up the offer to go and see an Acrivarn proover at a fellow Scottish baker on the 1st of April 2006.They told me that this was the best proover on the market and I have been saying so ever since they were installed to my new bakery at Highclere, Inverurie in 2007. They are as good today as they were the first day we used them! We have since installed 2 cooling tunnels and earlier this year 2 3 rack ovens which we are equally happy with. The build quality in all their equipment is superb.But equally as impressive is their after sales care.All the team at Acrivarn are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and put the customer first, no matter what time or day it is! Selecting Acrivarn as my main bakery equipment partner has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made!”

Kiren Foods

Kiren Foods

“Our facilities are equipped with the best plant and mechanical equipment on the planet, we have just completed the installation of Two Acrivarn Four rack ovens”

Speciality Breads, Kent


“Speciality Breads chose Acrivarn ovens & coolers for their new Handmade Bakery in Margate following successful installations at their other site. Commenting, Peter Millen MD said “ Acrivarn quality
& professionalism made them an obvious choice for our new bakery,
and being British was an added bonus”

Henllan Bread, Denbighshire



“The ovens have been a great success and have made a huge difference to the bakers and Henllan Bread as a company” – Tom Moore, Henllan Bread


Higgidy Pies, West Sussex

Higgidy Pies
Acrivarn Rack Oven

Twice Yearly Service

Higgidy Pies launched in 2003, the company started off supplying gourmet pies to pubs, restaurants and caterers, with such a success these homemade pies are now being sold in Booths and Sainsburys.

The company started off with a single Acrivarn rack oven, but with the company expansion and move to a larger site, Acrivarn was approached to provide a 2-rack oven, knowing that the oven worked well and was reliable.

Solution and Outcome
Higgidy chose the 2-door rack oven for high and low separation of the raw and cooked meat. The reliability of the product means that Higgidy can be reassured that each product baked is of the highest standard.

The Acrivarn rack oven is manufactured from high quality materials, predominately non-magnetic and high temperature stainless steel. The airflow through the baking chamber is controlled by an adjustable lourve panel and is designed to give a totally even bake.

“We have used an Acrivarn oven since the first batch of pies were made. Since then Acrivarn have proved reliable and quick to respond on every occasion, I have no hesitation in recommending Acrivarn to other bakers.” – James, Higgidy Pies.